My Complete Rosary Prayerbook

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Includes the Rosary Story, How to Pray the Rosary, the Prayers of the Rosary, illustrated meditations on all 20 Mysteries, a Scriptural Rosary and a summary of Pope John Paul II's letter on the Rosary!

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  • 5 Jun 15th 2019
    My Complete Rosary Prayerbook

    We have a weekly Rosary Club. We meet on Tuesday morning right after Daily Mass. Our leader uses “My Complete Rosary Prayerbook “ for the beautiful meditations. I purchased 4 and was very happy that I could share 3 of these Rosary booklets with the participants. The Mysteries are beautifully written as are the though provoking meditations. I highly recommend this booklet if you are in a group or if you’re praying the Rosary by your self. The writings pull you inside the life of Jesus


  • 5 Feb 15th 2019
    Rosary Prayer Book

    I thoroughly enjoy this little book to help me pray the rosary completely. I have been a life long Catholic but was not taught to pray the rosary in it's complete manner. This book has all of the prayers in one place and the Mysteries that are focused on each day of the week.

    Sandra Hauser

  • 5 May 13th 2018
    My Complete Rosary Prayer Book is wonderful!!

    It's just that - COMPLETE!! It provides the history of the Rosary, then for each mystery it shares a meditation in the front of the booklet and in the back Scripture verses where you can truly meditate on one for each mystery. It has help me tremendously stay more focused during the Rosary. This little gem also includes other history about events that I'll let you learn about when you buy the booklet. Pages are glossed and have beautiful illustrations. So glad I bought this!


  • 5 Mar 6th 2018
    Beautiful Book

    My husband and I took a trip to Hawaii two years ago, and I bought this book. I had been praying the Rosary using "The Little Blue Book" for 27 days of petition and 27 days of thanksgiving. I began to use this book to pray the scriptural Rosary and it is amazing!! if you pray with deep devotion to The Blessed Mother she will give you all she promises (see back of book) and your prayers WILL be answered! Use a pray journal and watch what happens :-) Janet

    Janet Williams

  • 5 Oct 20th 2017
    How to Pray with a story

    Love this book and purchased two more for my cousins. Nice story of Mary and the family along with explanation of the mysteries


  • 5 Feb 14th 2017



  • 5 Oct 25th 2016
    Needed instruction - this booklet provides!

    I am an ecumenical Protestant and I am exploring forms of prayer. I wanted to understand how to pray the rosary. I first learned most of what I know about the rosary from the time I lived in Nicaragua, so it is good to have instruction in my native language, my heart-language for prayer!

    Catherine M Stanford

  • 5 Mar 28th 2012
    I love this little book!!

    I use this book every night! The pictures are wonderful to look at as I'm pondering upon the mysteries to help me stay focused. Great descriptions of the mysteries and what one should be meditating upon. I've purchased several small Rosary books and this is my favorite!


  • 5 Jun 10th 2010
    Very easy to understand everything in it

    Everything in this prayer booklet is very easy to understand,no matter what anyone's level of prayer or faith is.

    Aunt Fran the Walker

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