Mysterion: The Revelatory Power Of Sacramental Worldview

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  • Learn what it means to see the world sacramentally
  • Understand how daily life, liturgy, and creation all point toward God
  • A powerful statement in a world that has largely discounted God
  • For those seeking deep fulfillment in a fully integrated worldview

Mysterion unveils the underlying vision at the heart of Christianity and invites us to enter into a deeper understanding of the mystery and saving work of Christ. We discover the fulfillment of our deepest desires in the sacramental worldview—a powerful way of seeing all created things as pointing us toward God.

  In this book, Fr. Harrison Ayre reveals a forgotten way of seeing and living the Christian life that can help us understand what it means for us to be “in Christ,” to participate in Christ’s life in and through the Church, and to allow his life and grace to work in us. Through the integrated vision that comes from seeing the world sacramentally, we will begin to see how all of life, liturgy, and creation are structured to lead us to an encounter with the God who loves us.
  • Author: Ayre Harrison
  • 208 pgs.
  • Hardcover

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Mysterion: The Revelatory Power Of Sacramental Worldview