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No Greater Gift - Michael Cumbie Conversion Story (DVD)

No Greater Gift - Michael Cumbie Conversion Story (DVD)

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No Greater Gift - Michael Cumbie Conversion Story (DVD)
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Product Description

Is the "Christian church" in America irrelevant? What difference does the Mass make? Why would God give abundantly of the gifts of His grace only to ask for them back? For one popular Protestant preacher, the search for the answers to these and other crucial questions was only the beginning of a remarkable journey of faith, hope, laughter and tears that is guaranteed to strengthen your faith in, and love for, the Catholic Church!

Fresh Perspective

No Greater Gift: The Michael Cumbie Story is the engaging, enlightening, sometimes poignant and often laugh-out-loud-funny story of Michael Cumbie's personal journey to Catholicism. A former Pentecostal Protestant Pastor, Michael will both amaze and amuse you as he shares his journey to the Catholic Church and relates his life-changing discoveries about the difference between evangelical and liturgical worship. This charming but powerful message is sure to give you a fresh perspective on some of the most important aspects of your own faith.

Led by the Spirit

A convert to Pentecostalism from a strict Southern Baptist upbringing, Michael was one day led by the Holy Spirit to stop in a Catholic Church to pray. Inspired to return many times, he was deeply affected by the beautiful architecture and holy décor he found there. Now on this full-length video feature you'll experience Michael Cumbie's inspiring witness of how, through this experience, the Lord led him to the fullness of the truth through love of the Catholic liturgy.

Spiritual Spark

Taped before a live audience, this entertaining and inspiring presentation allows Michael Cumbie to demonstrate the winning personality and love of the Church that has made him such a sought after conference speaker. In this moving testimony, you'll discover the treasures that Michael found in the Catholic Church and the sacrifices he was willing to make to embrace them. As he sincerely shares his own "journey to Rome" with humility, simplicity and good humor, you will come to a more joyful appreciation of the great mysteries of the Church. When you watch No Greater Gift: The Michael Cumbie Story, you'll discover a renewed spiritual spark and a revitalized love for Holy Mother Church and those who serve Her.

What will you learn?

  • Why God sometimes asks us to sacrifice a good thing, so He can give us something better
  • What the difference is between evangelical and liturgical worship
  • How the Catholic Church is the "universal sacrament" of salvation
  • Why if there's "no bread on the table" there can be "no crumbs on the floor"
  • What it means to be "Rome-o-phobic"
  • Why all Christians must return to "ancient liturgical worship"
  • How Matthew 16:27 relates to the situation in the Church
  • Why society is doomed without the Holy Eucharist
  • How art and architec- ture are an indispensable aid to worship

Available as a 1 DVD.

Run time:  70 minutes

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Author: Michael Cumbie
  • Language: English
  • Format: DVD

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This item has not been rated.
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