No Such Thing as Ordinary

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  • Drawing on Jesus' conversation with the Woman at the Well
  • Scripture, experience and personal stories
  • Discover the secrets of deep relationship with Christ
  • Unlock the passion and adventure in your life
  • How to seek God's purpose for you

Are you looking for freedom and fulfillment in the life you are already living, or do you feel trapped because your everyday reality doesn’t match your dreams?

No Such Thing as Ordinary will help you discover the passion and adventure in your life while empowering you to see how God uses daily, here-and-now moments to draw you to him in an extraordinary way.

Drawing from Jesus’s conversation with the woman at the well in the Gospel of John, Rachel Balducci—Catholic writer and cohost of CatholicTV’s The Gist—shares how a deep unrest in her life launched her on a journey to discover the secret that true joy is found in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Through scripture, her passionate faith, and personal stories, Balducci shows you how to

  • discover freedom, adventure, and deep, abiding peace;
  • stop being distracted by the worldly voices telling you to forget your responsibilities and pursue your own fulfillment;
  • find your true self in the midst of losing everything you thought defined you; and
  • recognize and believe that where you are now is where God has placed you and where he intends to meet you.

  • Author: Rachel Balducci
  • 128 Pages
  • Softcover

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