Numbering My Days: How the Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life

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Chene Heady
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  • Numbering My Days: How the Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life
  • Is everything a priority except for the one calendar you should be paying the most attention to?
  • How can the rhythm of the Bible and liturgical year help us make more sense out of life?
Chene Heady was a believing Catholic whose daily concerns were shaped primarily by forces other than his faith--career demands, financial decisions, scheduling conflicts, etc. He worked long hours and had limited regular interaction with his wife, also a busy professional, and his young daughter. He was the typical overextended and anonymous modern Catholic man.
Then he tried an experiment that dramatically rearranged his life. After reading about the importance of the Church's liturgical year, Heady took up the challenge to live as though the Church's calendar, not the secular one, stood at the center of his life. Every day for a year, he observed the Church's seasons and feasts, and meditated on the Church's daily readings. As he did so, he found that his life, and his relationships, became more meaningful and fruitful.
Numbering My Days tells the story of one man's renewal, and it offers an authentic model of spiritual development for anyone.
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