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  • Comes in a rustic and thick wooden frame that can be personalized with the family name!
  • Whimsical yet true!
  • A superb way to describe the Irish home or any home
  • Hand-sealed for authenticity
  • Irish Blessing

All the things that make a family- a family , and a home- are included in this artful print with exquisite Irish flair. A home is where charity and love prevail, and humans are allowed to be human!  “In our home, We do Grace, We do mistakes,We do real, We do sorry, We do funny, We do loud, We do hugs, We do family, We do love”, is the saying inscribed on this wonderfully designed reproduction. The wooden frame adds to the authentic feel due to it’s rustic and substantial construction.  The frame can be personalized, which will only add to its’ charm.  The artist is Kevin Dillon and each original piece, before copied, is constructed when he crushes semi-precious stones – lapis lazuli, cinnabar, azurite and others, to make his own paints. Using a dip pen or goose quill, he meticulously applies the letters and beautiful designs to the calf skin. One at a time, the colors are applied. And the final illumination is achieved using 24K gold leaf.  The artist's seal is imprinted in molten wax at the bottom of each copy, making every print a unique piece of art from the Celtic monastic tradition.  All works are based on The Book of Kells and constructed in that same tradition.

  • 9 x 11 inches matted and framed
  • Reproduction is from the original manuscript by artist bearing artists wax signature seal
  • Thick wooden frame with easel back
  • Family name can be engraved at the top of the frame
  • Celtic font pictured is the font that will be used for personalization

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