Peace & All Good Lavender Hand Soap - 8 oz

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  • All natural, rich, and Lavender scented
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • Give a gift that supports a special cause
  • Made and sold by survivors of human trafficking

Gently scented in Lavender with essential oils, and crafted with care in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi - Peace & All Good's Liquid Castile Soap will bring a touch of peace and all good to your bath or kitchen. Made by hand in small batches, packed, marketed, and sold by survivors of human trafficking, drug addiction, and poverty in the USA who are members of a special community committed to their healing and recovery in a supportive environment.

Peace & All Good products are a reminder of the dignity inherrent in every human life, and the work required to end human trafficking and restore safety and dignity to exploited women. Give an exraordinary gift that supports an exceptional cause.

  • 8 oz.
  • Pump Dispenser