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Also known as A Catechism of Christian Doctrine, The Penny Catechism was given its name because of its original cost of one penny. While the price has changed, The Faith has not! This handy catechism gives 307 questions and answers on all aspects of the Catholic Faith. Having been approved by the Archbishops and Bishops of England and Wales for use in their dioceses, it is an official catechism of the Catholic Church. Topics covered include: God, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church, grace, virtue, sins, and so forth. The Penny Catechism is excellent both as a basic class text and as a pocket-sized review of Catholic teaching for everyone. It contains concise, direct answers and provides a wonderful summary of the Catholic Faith.

This book has been given the Imprimatur.

The Penny Catechism is divided into four sections:
1. Faith

  • As to Man

  • - His first beginning.
    - His last end.
  • The Belief

  • - in God the Father
    - in Jesus Christ
    - in the Holy Spirit
    - in the Holy Catholic Church

2. Hope

  • The Our Father

  • - The seven blessings to be hoped for and to be prayed for
  • The Hail Mary

  • - Assistance of the Blessed Virgin
    - and of the Angels and Saints.

3. Charity

  • The Commandments

  • - of God
    - of the Church

4. The Sacraments

  • The Seven Great Means of Grace Corresponding to

  • - the birth
    - the growth
    - the nourishment
    - the medicine of the soul
    - the journey of the soul
    - the Christian Priesthood
    - the Christian Family

Also included are: The Virtues and contrary Vices, The Christian's Rule of Life, and The Christian's Daily Exercise.


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The Penny Catechism


The Penny Catechism