Personalized Miraculous Medal Rosary Hanger & Simple Steps to a Stronger Marriage Set

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  • Practical steps to strengthen your marriage
  • "Simple Steps to a Stronger Marriage"
  • Learned from years of practicing couples therapy
  • Insights, wisdom and inspiration from the beloved Dr. Ray
  • Miraculous Medal Rosary hanger with family name
Perfect set to get your marriage on a more perfect road towards Heaven. The book, "Simple Steps to a Stronger Marriage" is a way to learn from other couples and therapists on how to establish a stronger Catholic marriage. Display this Miraculous Medal Rosary hanger as a public witness of prayer and devotion that your family is striving towards. Get it personalized with your family name to make it a one of a kind Catholic item in your home
Simple Steps to a Stronger Marriage

Marriage expert Dr. Ray Guarendi has learned, through counseling many couples, that the secrets to building a better relationship with your spouse don’t include learning exotic new communication techniques or rearranging your lifestyle. In fact, a few of his ten “small steps” are so simple that you likely learned them in grade school.

In his lighthearted style, Dr. Ray explains that the secret of a good marriage is applying a handful of commonsense, time-tested ideas practiced by others who have done it well. Each chapter presents a baby step you can take, encouragement to overcome resistance to taking that step, and a fictional couple in dialogue with an anonymous therapist (guess who!).

Most inspiring, this book reminds you that a happier, more rewarding marriage is achievable. You will learn how to make simple changes that will leave “daily discontent” behind and create a positive chain reaction in both your marriage and your family. Dr. Ray even shows how couples who are on the brink of separation can restore healing and intimacy in their marriage.

With the doctor’s advice, you will overcome any reluctance you might feel to taking these practical steps and learn:

  • The importance of developing the habit of saying “I’m sorry” (with apologies to Erich Segal!)
  • Why silence can truly be golden (and how to really listen!)
  • How to be polite when you don’t feel like it and how to ask constructive questions
  • Tips on how husbands can support their wives in parenting (it’s easier than you think!)
  • How “touch says much,” and why affection sometimes chills in a marriage
  • How living by the “Just don’t say it” philosophy is a game changer

You will also find out why accepting your spouse’s concerns isn’t necessarily the same as agreeing with his or her feelings or viewpoint. Moreover, you will see how simple manners can transform your relationship, and you will gain pointers on how to give meaningful praise to your spouse.

With Dr. Ray’s experience and insights, you will find that in seeking to understand your spouse, you, in turn, will be better understood. The most minor of improvements often reap major rewards.

Personalized Miraculous Medal Rosary Hanger

This wooden rosary rack beautifies your home with its Miraculous Medal design and profound message "The family that prays together stays together." With four hooks from which to hang your rosaries to prevent tangling or misplacing, it honors Our Lady with an image of her Miraculous Medal, and free personalization of your family name makes this a beautiful gift for any occasion.

To prevent damage during shipping, the hooks will not be screwed in, but pre-drilled holes make assembly quick and easy.

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Dimensions and Specifications

Simple Steps to a Stronger Marriage

  • Author: Dr. Ray Guarendi
  • Pages: 160
  • Format: Paperback

Personalized Miraculous Medal Rosary Hanger

  • 11" length by 5" height
  • Thickness: 5/8"
  • 4 pre-drilled holes
  • 4 silver hooks included

Dimensions & Specifications

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Personalized Miraculous Medal Rosary Hanger & Simple Steps to a Stronger Marriage Set


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