Pope St. Pius V

Pope St. Pius V was born in Bosco Italy. His name was Antonio Ghislieri and his family was very poor. Antonio worked as a shepherd until he turned fourteen years old. He joined the Dominicans and became a priest. He was a teacher of theology and philosophy before being called by Pope Julius II to be commissary general of the Inquisition. This position led to his being installed as bishop of Nepi and Sutri in 1556, under Pope Paul IV. Shortly after he was named grand inquisitor in 1558. When Pope Paul IV died and Pope Pius IV was elected, Antonio was made bishop of Mondovi. Pope Pius IV and Antonio disagreed about the proceedings of the Inquisition, however Antonio Ghislieri was elected to be the next pope when Pope Pius IV died in 1565. He took the name Pope Pius V. He was a great reformer and worked to implement the decisions of the council of Trent. He also published a Catechism, and revised the Breviary and the Missal. He named St. Thomas Aquinas a Doctor of the Church and continued the work of the Inquisition. Through his alliance with Venice and Spain they were able to completely defeat the Ottoman Turks who were trying to conquer the Mediterranean. This defeat resulted in the feast of Our Lady of Victory and a greater devotion to the Holy Rosary.

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