Practical Guide for the Liturgy of the Hours

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In our time, the Liturgy of the Hours has become a privilege for all to share. However in the beginning, most people become mystified and enthusiasm for this form of prayer may wane. Frequent questions include: "Here is a collection of wonderful prayers but how are they arranged? How do I start? Where do I start? What is this large section in the middle called the Psalter? What are Evening Prayer I and Evening Prayer II? What prayers do I say when? Help!"

This reaction is quite common and is entirely to be expected. The Liturgy of the Hours possesses a difficult and complicated structure. It has a format of prayers that evolved over two millennia and this format cannot be quickly or easily understood. But, with a little practice, the Liturgy of the Hours draws the reader into a world of prayer that possesses great and surpassing beauty. We discover the joy of praying in a rich and meaningful way. We also delight to know that in saying the Liturgy of the Hours, we join in the same prayer that is being said around the world.

This book presents all the various parts of the Liturgy of the Hours. For each of the Hours, it first offers an outline of the Hour then lays out in detail a sample of that specific Hour. It begins by addressing the two main Hours of Morning and Evening Prayer and then also presents the other Hours. After the reader has become familiar with all of these, the book introduces the different types of feasts that the Church celebrates and also the special seasons of the Church year. It offers guidance to individuals as well as to groups to pray in a rich and meaningful way.

Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

This book is a "guide" not comprehensive book that gives the prayers. It purely is how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Table of contents is ...



Introduction: The Invitation, Practice

1. Morning Prayer - Practice

2. Evening Prayer - Practice

3. Daytime Prayer and Proper of the Saints, Commons, Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials - Practice

4. Night Prayer and Seasons of the Church Year - Practice

5. Office of Readings - Practice

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  • 4 Feb 25th 2016

    This guide is essential if you are wanting to learn how to use the Liturgy of The Hours and praying with the Universal Church.

    Danialle Sneed

  • 4 Mar 26th 2015
    Handy reference.

    This booklet is an absolute must for the correct praying of the Liturgy of the Hours, especially if one does not have a religious calendar. I would say it's 99.9% correct, as I did find discrepancies between what the booklet said & what the book implied. But, all in all, an excellent companion for The Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office).

    David J. Walach

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