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Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)

Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)

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Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)
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Product Description

This is not "just another Rosary DVD!" In Pray the Rosary with the Psalms, you'll discover a powerful new way to focus your mental prayer that is both Scriptural and true to Tradition. In this digitally mastered presentation, the sublime prayers of the Most Holy Rosary are combined with beautiful orchestral music and accompanied by a magnificent visual feast of sacred art and architecture, the glory of God's creation and relevant verses from the Holy Scriptures.

Our Lady's Psalter

For centuries, the Rosary was known as "Our Lady's Psalter." In the Middle Ages, common lay people wanted to join their prayers with the Holy Monks who daily recited the Psalms. In time, the Rosary developed around the recitation of 150 Hail Mary's, one for each Psalm, using beads to keep track of the number of prayers. Now, in the spirit of this beloved practice from the great Age of Faith, Pray the Rosary with the Psalms re-establishes the connection between the Psalms and the Rosary by combining a brief excerpt from each of the 150 Psalms with the 150 Hail Mary's of the Traditional 15-decade Rosary. Also, additional Scripture verses introduce each mystery. Best of all, the words of Scripture appear on the screen while the Rosary prayers are recited, allowing you to meditate on the Scriptures without distracting from your vocal prayer!

The "Mysteries of Light"

As an added bonus Pray the Rosary with the Psalms also includes Pope John Paul II's new "Luminous Mysteries." Each Hail Mary and Our Father is accompanied by relevant verses from the New Testament and inspiring quotes from the Holy Father's Apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Maria, making this presentation the perfect introduction to the practice of fruitful meditation on these important episodes from the ministry of Our Lord. An ideal gift for Mother's Day, this outstanding all-new video production is a powerful response to the Holy Father's admonition to, "Rediscover the Rosary in light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives."

What You’ll Discover:

  • On-screen verses from all 150 Psalms for each Hail Mary of the traditional 15 decade Rosary
  • A Scriptural method to pray the Pope's new "Luminous Mysteries"
  • A visual feast of beautiful images to enrich your contemplation
  • On-screen verses from the Biblical accounts of all 20 mysteries
  • An enchanting musical score
  • Visual excerpts from the Pope's Apostolic Letter
  • 46 minutes run time per DVD

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Language: English
  • Format: DVD

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Reviews - Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)

Average Customer Rating
(4.80/5 Stars, 5 Ratings) Based on 5 Reviews

Heaven sent!

Review: This is a heaven-sent gift for our family! Thanks to this DVD, my family is joyfully praying the Holy Rosary everyday. For the first time, my children are understanding the meaning of this powerful tool and enjoying its graces! We love to reunite to do it. The images are so sweet, colorful, and peaceful... They're thanking me and I'm thanking our Eternal Father for finding this product! I'm grateful for family oriented spiritual tools like this! Best Uses: To Bring Family Together, To Do At Home, To Grow in Holiness, To Inspire Children, To Learn About Psalms, To Teach The Rosary; Cons: none; Pros: Amazing Colorful Images, Beautiful Psalms Display, Creates Daily Commitment, Easy to follow, Motivates My Children, Sweet Inspiring Voice, Unites Our Family

Well done

Review: Nicely done. You can pray the scriptures onto personal needs or praises. You stay focused better with a verse from each Psalm for each bead. Pleasant background music and voice saying the Hail Mary. Pictures are good for all ages, adults and childrem. Best Uses: Intercession for others, Personal prayer, Quiet meditation; Cons: It is all good, no complaints; Pros: Focus on each bead, I like praying the Psalms, It is a nice change

I LOVE this DVD!

Review: If you have small children or are prone to getting distracted, this DVD is for you. I pray the Rosary every morning, usually with my three small children, and it's easy to lose your focus, but this DVD draws you right back with wonderful scripture choices and beautiful visual effects.

The best Rosary CD that I have purchased

Review: Good prayer that allows you to conscentrate Slight pause between decade Best Uses: Very good evening prayer; Pros: Excellent video, Good Content, Good prayer atmosphere, Psalms a big plus

Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)

Review: This is one of my most cherished DVDs I use in my prayer life. Each morning, I can select the appropriate mystery of the day - the tempo of the audio prayer is perfect for me. The pictures are inspiring, and the verses are not intrusive and are helpful to staying focused on the mystery. Pros: Durable, Good Value, High Quality
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