Prayer 101: Foundation for Faith and Formation

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  • Complete guide to reaching out to God in prayer
  • What is prayer, why we do it, and how to do it
  • Real life examples, Scriptural references and more
  • Forms of prayer and how to practice them
  • For those interested in deeper union through prayer

Prayer 101 is both an introduction and a complete course on reaching out to God for His mercy or strength. Teresa Jones addresses seemingly simple questions like What is Prayer? but delves deeply into why and how we seek intercession from heaven for love and guidance.

Using real-life examples, Jones applies the lessons of the Bible and dissects the intricacies of prayers we sometimes repeat from rote memorization. With a complete vocabulary of the elements of prayer, and reflections following each chapter, readers will find themselves drawn into more spiritual communications.

In the Scriptures, God repeatedly called his people to pray and He continues to call us today. This connection with God can take many different forms; seeking, talking, listening, meditating, crying out, interceding, and more. Not only are there several forms for prayer, but there are also many ways of understanding these very words and of putting them into practice.

  • Author: Theresa A. Jones 
  • Pages: 128 
  • Format: Paperback

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