Protecting Your Children From Internet Pornography: Understanding the Science, Risks, and Ways to Protect your Kids

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  • Exposes the evils of porn
  • How it affects the brain & promotes sexual violence
  • How to protect your kids online
  • Important resource for parents
  • Join the battle against porn 
Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography exposes the many ways that pornography is menacing people, relationships, society, and—especially—our children. Dr. John Foubert's ability to write about complex concepts in practical terms will help you understand issues like how pornography affects the brain, how pornography is a recipe for sexual violence, and why you should take measures to protect your children and those you love. This scholarly perspective is well balanced by practical suggestions at the end of each chapter that gives parents advice on how to apply the information in their own home. It is time for a national conversation about what pornography is really all about. Foubert's book opens the door on that discussion and invites the reader to join the battle against porn with greater knowledge of its actual effects. You will be disturbed, shocked, motivated, and empowered to make a difference after reading this book.
  • Author: John D. Foubert
  • Pages: 160
  • Format: Paperback

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