Real Music Book & Joyful Noise Woodcut Gift Set

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  • Real Music: A Guide to Timeless Church Hymns Book with Audio CD and "Joyful Noise" g-clef wood cutout
  • Offers a rich introduction to the great poetry and classical study of traditional Catholic hymnals and choir music
  • Lightweight maple woodcut painted deep black with laser-burned detail and gold-scripting
  • Great gift for music enthusiasts, musicians, singers, parish choir members, and Saint Cecilia namesakes

Anthony Esolen's wonderful book Real Music: A Guide to Timeless Church Hymns finds its perfect complement in the simple joy of a musical g-clef woodcut.

Grow in your understanding and appreciation of the stunning tradition of Catholic music as you read the book. Decorate your home with a visual sign of music, which helps us "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord," as the woodcut reads.

Together, this set will infuse your life with the beauty of music.

It's the perfect gift for a musician, a choir director, or anyone who has a love for music. And who doesn't?

Exclusive to The Catholic Company.

  • Joyful Noise woodcut: approximate dimensions 21" (L) x 11" (H)
  • Maple plywood (painted on one side)
  • Book/Audio CD: Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • ISBN: 9781618907028
  • Author: Anthony Esolen

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