The Reason for the Seasons & Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions (2 Book Set)

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  • The Reason for the Seasons: Why Christians Celebrate What and When They Do 
  • You will  come to understand more deeply the point of each celebration
  • Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions
  •  Perfect for Ages 5- 9 to help guide the through the liturgical year with easy hands-on crafts and activities

The Reason for the Seasons: Why Christians Celebrate What and When They Do 

We can't be joyful without knowing why we should be joyful.That's why celebrated Catholic author James V. Schall, S.J., the thinking man's priest presents these short but powerful chapters on the most important and joyful feasts of the Church's liturgical year.

With Fr. Schall as your guide, you'll come to understand more deeply the point of each celebration. You will learn truths about the feasts that will awaken you to real joy, as you consider Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day, as well as the End Times that we encounter in the last Sundays of the liturgical year.

Rather than being encyclopedic discussions of each of the feasts, these penetrating reflections generally point to something astonishingly new that you missed before, something of the meaning and depth of each feast that is almost always passed over unnoticed, except by those who think long and deeply about them.

In any one of these discussions, you'll find never-ending causes of insight into what we are and who God is.

In a word, this powerful and delightful book affords you an enormous opportunity to consider anew the great truths of our Faith handed down to us by our beloved Mother Church, and that each year are celebrated in Her Feasts.

Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions

From All Saints' Day and Pentecost to Thanksgiving and Independence Day, the year is full of reasons-both sacred and secular-to celebrate!

About this Book:

Feast Days & Holidays, the newest title in the Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions series, is an exciting resource for teachers in classrooms; parents, caretakers and homeschool instructors in homes; and catechists in religious education programs who want to integrate the faith into the daily lives of children. Perfect for ages 5-9, this interactive guide celebrates the liturgical year and special holidays through background information and corresponding activities.

Kid-friendly, easy-to-make crafts, fun activities, delicious recipes, and reproducibles create memorable ways for children to learn about the faith. Requiring minimal materials, these affordable activities are great complements to children learning about the special days throughout the year in a Catholic faith perspective. January through December, your child will learn about beloved saints, important feast days, liturgical color meanings, major holy days, holidays, and prayers, while creating meaningful traditions. An introduction to parents and teachers, a "How to Use this Book" guide, clearly defined section headers, and an answer key make navigating this resource book very straightforward.

Your children can concoct the recipe to "Ash Wednesday Soup," find the 'lost' items in a picture with the help of St. Anthony, solve mazes to find out what Jesus told the apostle Simon Peter, make magnets for Earth Day, string together Saint Thérèse's acts of kindness beads, design their own coat of arms in the spirit of St. George, learn how to say 'thank you' in different languages, follow the directions to create cross-shaped palms….celebrating the entire year!

Author Joan Marie Arbogast has an expertise with children's activities gained from her experiences as a teacher, parish involvement, and participation in library craft workshops. The first-two volumes in this series, The Advent-Christmas Book, and The Lent-Easter Book, are best-sellers.

From the Introduction

The Feast Days & Holidays Bookis the newest title in the Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions series. It offers background information about selected feast days and holidays, plus suggested activities that can be used to celebrate these special days. Like The Advent-Christmas Book and The Lent-Easter Book, this book holds a variety of kid-friendly prayers, craft projects, recipes, and reproducible pages that can help make the learning experience come alive.

If you are familiar with the first two books in this series, you will notice the format for The Feast Days and Holidays Book is somewhat different. It focuses on individual days rather than liturgical seasons. Included are major holy days, a sampling of saints' feast days, and some secular holidays, too.

It is my hope that this newest addition to the series will provide you with plenty of fresh ideas to help you cultivate the sprouting seeds of faith you have so lovingly planted in the hearts of our youth.

Joan Marie Arbogast, Author

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for ages 5-9
  • Affordable ideas for celebration
  • Easy hands-on crafts, activities, and kitchen fun
  • Primarily requires household materials
  • Opportunities to make homemade gifts
  • Reproducible pages for classroom and home use
  • Complements lesson plans
  • Encourages development of motor skills
  • Addition to a best-selling series

Written by an experienced author-teacher

About the Author:

Joan Marie Arbogast has been involved in education and in her parish for twenty-five years. An avid crafter, she has also worked part-time in the children's room of her local library making crafts with kids. Author of The Advent-Christmas Bookand The Lent-Easter Book, her family activities and crafts have appeared in Catholic Parent, Today's Christian Woman, and Woman's Day. Her articles and poems have been published in My Friend, Bible Pathways for Kids, Shining Star, Guideposts for Kids On-Line, Pockets, Highlights for Children, Cobblestone, Boys' Quest, Hopscotch for Girls, and Fun for Kidz.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"This book is a "must have" for all parents, teachers and catechists of elementary-aged children. It is a wonderful resource for teaching the Catholic faith and heritage along with enriching children's appreciation and understanding of that faith. It is a year-round, user-friendly resource. Written in the language of children, it incorporates stories and engaging, meaningful activities that are easily prepared, plus prayers, Christian service ideas, and so much more. Also included are many secular holidays such as Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, and New Year's Day."
-Elizabeth Collins, experienced as both teacher and principal, currently religious education coordinator at St. Joseph's in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

"Catholics have a unique way of marking time. Our liturgical calendar reminds us that all time belongs to God. Joan Marie Arbogast provides Catholics, especially parents of young children, with a number of creative ideas for celebrating feast days throughout the liturgical year. Catechists too will find resources and activities for integrating the liturgical year into their lessons."
-Joe Paprocki, DMin, catechist, blogger at, and author of The Catechist's Toolbox.

"Living and Celebrating: Feast Days and Holidays is full of appealing, substantial, and (best of all) doable activities to help kids sanctify celebrations throughout the year. The language is simple but not condescending, and the prayers and activities are clearly designed with actual children in mind. Saints, feasts, and holidays are included in this guide to loving and serving God and each other-and enjoying ourselves-while building Catholic traditions."
-Simcha Fisher, mother of nine, writer for Catholic Digest, and blogger for the National Catholic Register.

Dimensions & Specifications

The Reason for the Seasons: Why Christians Celebrate What and When They Do 

  • Measures: 5.4" x 8.4" x 0.4"
  • ISBN: 9781622822966
  • Author: Fr. James V. Schall
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 292

Feast Days & Holidays: Living and Celebrating Our Catholic Customs and Traditions

  • ISBN: 9780819827074
  • Author: Arbogast, Joan Marie
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 272
  • Language: English
  • Occasion: Advent



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