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Reasons to Believe (Audio Book)

Reasons to Believe (Audio Book)

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Reasons to Believe (Audio Book)
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Product Description

  • Reasons to Believe (Audio Book)
  • By renowned author Scott Hahn
  • Learn how to defend your faith
  • Listen to this excellent book on-the-go


Bestselling author Scott Hahn, a convert to Catholicism, has experienced the doubts that so often drive discussions about God and the Church. In the years before his conversion, he was first a nonbeliever and then an anti-Catholic clergyman.

In Reasons to Believe, he explains the "how and why" of the Catholic faith—drawing from Scripture, his own struggles and those of other converts, as well as from everyday life and even natural science. Hahn shows that reason and revelation, nature and the supernatural, are not opposed to one another. Rather they offer complementary evidence that God exists. But He doesn't merely exist. He is someone, and He has a personality, a personal style, that is discernible and knowable. Hahn leads readers to see that God created the universe with a purpose and a form—a form that can be found in the Book of Genesis and is there when we view the natural world through a microscope, through a telescope, or through our contact lenses.

At the heart of the book is Hahn's examination of the ten "keys to the kingdom"—the characteristics of the Church clearly evident in the Scriptures. As the story of creation discloses, the world is a house that has a Father, a palace where the king is really present. God created the cosmos to be a kingdom, and that kingdom is the universal Church, fully revealed by Jesus Christ.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 6 hour run time
  • 5 CDs
  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • Language: English

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Reviews - Reasons to Believe (Audio Book)

Average Customer Rating
(4.00/5 Stars, 1 Ratings) Based on 1 Reviews

reasons to believe

Review: I have listened to most of the cds. For me they are long and worth another listen to really grasp it all. This time of year I have been very busy. However I will get back to listen to them again because I so enjoy the things Scott Hahn produces; he makes things easy to understand. I would recommend these tapes to others.
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