Rediscover Catholicism - A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose

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Matthew Kelly
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  • Rediscover Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose
  • A book to refresh the dry and bored faith of Catholics
  • Crisp, inspiring, and uplifting
  • Discover how to live your life with true purpose

Hard questions deserve solid answers.

  • Why am I unhappy?
  • Does everyone feel lonely sometimes?
  • How can I change my life?
  • What does God want of me?

Tough times demand eternal truths.

  • Why are young people rejecting Catholicism?
  • Why is the perception of Catholicism so negative?
  • Is it time for the Church to change?
  • What do the ancient traditions of Catholic spirituality have to do with modern lives?

For more than a decade, author, speaker, and retreat-leader Matthew Kelly has traveled the globe, sharing answers and offering the truth. They aren’t his. They’re the ones that have been taught by the Church since the first century. They’re the ones that have been lived by holy - and happy - men, women and children of faith since the time of Christ.

Here - in a simple, convincing, and entertaining style - are answers and truths. Here is the answer. Here is the truth.



Part One - We Become What We Celebrate

  • Our Universal Hunger (Appearance vs. The Authentic; Why Has Christanity Been Rejected?; The Cry for Help)
  • The Prevailing Philosophy (Individualism; Hedonism; Minimalism)
  • Is Jesus Still Relevant? (Our Quest for Happiness; God & Happiness; The Attitude of Christ; The Role of Discipline; Jesus in History)
  • Searching for Identity (The Mission; The Adventure of Salvation; Catholics Today; Catholicism is a Lifestyle; Identity Crisis)
  • What Are We Celebrating? (The Future of Catholicism; The Solution; Let the Celebration Begin)

Part Two - The Authentic Life

  • What is the Authentic Life? (Fostering the Inner Life; Modern Despair; Our Essential Purpose; What is Holiness?; The Best-Version-of-Yourself; Vatican II; The Depression)
  • The Path is Well Trodden (In Search of Excellence; The Saints; Common Objections; The Pedestal Syndrome; The Rejection of Discipline; Keeping the Goal in Sight)
  • Even a Blind Man Knows... (Francis of Assisi; Mother Teresa, The Cure' Ars; Thomas More; John Paul II; Taking the Gospel Seriously)
  • What Sets Them Apart? (Singleness of Purpose; The Will of God; How Would You Like Your Life to Change?)
  • Their Attraction & Influence (Friendship; Spiritual Friends & Loneliness; Foster this Spirit; Bright Lights)
  • Who Will Be Next? (To Whom Does the Future Belong? Shame on Us; What Are You Willing to Give Your Life For?; Finding Your Place; Where Do We Start?)

Part Three - The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality

  • Reconciliation (Turning to God; I Am a Sinner; The Drama of Life; The Sacramental Setting; Common Objections; Behold the Beauty; Self-Knowledge; A New Habit; Temptation; The Touch of the Master's Hand)
  • Contemplation (Osmosis; Thought Determines Action; The Classroom of Silence; A Starting Point; The Big Question; Action Without Prayer; Geography of Prayer; Begin Today)
  • The Mass (Rediscovering the Mass; A Personal Prayer; The Prayers of the Mass; My Favorite Prayer; Our Father; Offering; Embrace the Gift)
  • The Bible (Where Did the Bible Come From?; Jesus; The Power of the Word; Stories; Questions; Prayers; "Dad, if you really love me...")
  • Fasting (The Death of Discipline; Fasting in the Scriptures; The History of Christian Fasting; Lenten Fasting; Fasting and You; The Universe and You; Always a Means, Never an End)
  • Spiritual Reading (An Ancient Tradition; What Should We Read?; When, Where, & for How Long; Adult Education; Keeping the Star in Sight)
  • The Rosary (Why Have We Abandoned the Rosary?; Benefits; Growth in Virtue; Fifteen Lessons; More than One Way; Mary)

Part Four - Now is Our Time

  • Time for a Change (Are We Willing to Change?; What Should We Focus On?; Education; Evangelization; Vocations)
  • Leadership (Paralyzed By Fear; Courage; Bold Leadership; Servant Leadership)
  • Return to Virtue (The Role of Virtue; The World Needs the Church; About this Book; Something Wonderful is About to Happen)

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Rediscover Catholicism - A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose


Rediscover Catholicism - A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose