Revolt against Reality: Fighting the Foes of Sanity and Truth From the Serpent to the State

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  • Thought provoking work about our cultural decline
  • History, revelation, and scriptural background for these social changes
  • What faithful Catholics can do to fight the good fight
  • An important read for those who are ready to prepare for spiritual battle

We seem to be living in an age of insanity. Crimes against children, born and unborn; marriage defiled and redefined; the madness of transgenderism; the looming terror of trans-human-ism . . . the list goes on and on. And it’s getting uglier out there every day. Everywhere you look, the culture is twisting truth into lies and lies into truth.

How did we get to this bizarre point in history? More importantly, how can we fight the tide of insanity and win reality back?

In Revolt Against Reality, Gary Michuta (Hostile Witnesses, Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger) explains how an army of liars, manipulators, and bad actors has conspired literally from the beginning to thwart God’s plan for man—a plan of order and peace, centered on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. Michuta takes you step by step through history, unmasking the enemies of faith and reason in every age—all the way back to Satan himself, who in the Garden of Eden promised that we could become our own gods.

Since then, every error, heresy, and moral abomination has been part of the same intricate network of lies, designed by the Father of Lies, to wrench us from what makes sense and trap us in a prison of contradiction and chaos.

We’ll never restore sanity to the world until we know how the enemy operates. Read Revolt Against Reality and you’ll understand his age-old tactics . . . and you’ll be prepared to fight back!

  • Author: Gary Michuta
  • Paperback
  • Pages: 320

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Revolt against Reality: Fighting the Foes of Sanity and Truth From the Serpent to the State