Rewards Program Help

Introducing our NEW Tiered Catholic Advantage Rewards Program!

Earn points faster when you spend more with The Catholic Company!

Program Basics 

  • What is the Catholic Advantage Rewards program?
    Catholic Advantage Rewards is a program that helps you earn points which can be redeemed for coupons valid on future purchases at There are three tiers in the program. As you advance to a higher tier, you earn rewards even faster!

  • How can I join the program?
    It's easy to join—simply create an account! When you make a purchase or complete another points-earning activity, the account that you are signed into will earn points.

  • Does it cost money to join the Catholic Advantage Rewards program?
    No, it doesn't cost anything. Joining the program is free! 

Rewards Dashboard

  • What is the Catholic Advantage Rewards Dashboard?
    The Rewards Dashboard is where you can see how many Rewards points you have earned, ways to earn more points, the discount coupons that you are eligible for now, and your past coupon codes.  You can open the Rewards Dashboard by clicking on the "My Rewards" link in the upper right corner of the page or on the "My Rewards" button in  the lower left corner.

Points and Coupons

  • What is the difference between Rewards points and Rewards coupons?
    Rewards points are what you earn for various activities on Most commonly, these points are awarded for creating an account and for making purchases on the site.  Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for coupons. These coupons can be applied as a discount when you checkout on a subsequent order. 

Earning Points

  • How can I earn points?
    There are several ways to earn points. You will always earn points for the purchases you make at You can also earn points for certain non-purchase activities listed in the My Rewards dashboard. Note that non-purchase activities have a frequency cap on how often you can earn points for completing those activities. To earn Rewards, you must be logged into your account. Points are earned based on purchase price, which means the price after discounts and before shipping and tax. The number of points you earn per dollar spent depends on which program tier you are in, as discussed below. 
  • How many points can I earn per dollar I spend?
    Everyone earns at least 5 points per dollar. If you are in our Gold or Platinum tiers (described below) you will earn points even faster! 
  • Do shipping and taxes count towards earning points?
    No, shipping and taxes do not count towards earning points. Points are earned on the purchase amount after applying discounts, and before adding shipping and taxes. 
  • What happens to the points I earned from an order if I cancel the order or return an item?
    The points you earned on the canceled or returned items will be deducted from your point balance once you cancel or return your order. Note: it is possible to have a negative points balance after you cancel or return an order. 
  • I checked out as a guest. Can I earn points on that purchase?
    Customers checking out as guests will not earn points for those purchases. To earn points you must be logged into your account.           

Redeeming Points

  • How do I redeem points for a coupon?
    There are two ways to redeem points for a coupon, in your shopping cart cart and in the My Rewards Dashboard.
    The simpler way is to redeem in your shopping cart.  Follow these steps:

1) Sign-in to your Catholic Company account.

2) Add item(s) to your cart. 

3) Go to your cart page. (You might need to select 'Edit Cart' in the upper right of the checkout page, if you skipped to the checkout page before seeing the cart page.) 

4) If you have enough points to redeem for a coupon, you will see text and a box below the items in your cart.  These list your redemption options.  For example, "You have 2070 points. Select your reward to redeem."



If you do not have any or enough points to redeem, you will see a message like this: "Sorry, you do not have enough points to redeem a reward.  Your available points balance is 496 points."  You can decide to click 'Earn More Points' to see how you can earn points, to use later.



5) If you have points to redeem, select a reward from the pull-down menu

6) Click the 'Apply' button on the coupon/points that you wish to use

7) You will see a confirmation box appear. Select 'Continue' if you wish to deduct points from your account to apply to the cart or to have the coupon added to your My Rewards dashboard for later use, or select 'Cancel' if you do not wish to redeem your points at that time.



8) If you select 'Continue,' you will see the coupon code appear in the 'Coupon Code' box below. Click 'Apply' to use this coupon on this order. 

9) Continue checking out

Note: Points have no cash value. You cannot give or transfer your points to anyone else.

  • Do my points expire?
    Yes, Rewards points have an expiration date. The entire balance will expire if no order is placed on within 18 months. For example, if an order is placed on January 1, another order must be placed by July 1 of the following year (that is, within 18 months) or all of your Rewards points will expire.  Once you have redeemed the points for a coupon, however, the coupon has no expiration date. 
    At times, bonus points may also be awarded through special promotions, and these points may have separate, stated expiration dates.

  • How will I know how many points I have?
    You can always check your current points balance in the Catholic Advantage Rewards Dashboard. You can also view available Rewards, ways to earn more points, and your previous loyalty activity history there.     

Rewards Coupons

  • Can my Rewards coupons be used at the same time as other coupon codes or promotions?
    Rewards cannot be combined with coupon-based promotions or other coupon codes. Only one Reward coupon can be used per order.

  • Do Rewards coupons expire?
    A Rewards coupon does not expire. 
  • What happens if I make a purchase with a Rewards coupon, and then cancel or return all or part of that order?
    The coupon code has been used, so it cannot be used again. Please call Customer Care for help.

Tier Levels

  • What are the tier levels, and how do they differ?
    The three tiers are: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver tier members earn 5 points for every dollar spent with us. Gold and Platinum earn faster, at 7 and 10 points per dollar, respectively. Regardless of tier level, all users will receive the same number of points for non-order activities. 

  • How can I move to a different tier? How long will I stay at that tier?
    New members start in the Silver tier. You will be upgraded to Gold or Platinum after earning 500 or 1000 points, respectively, from purchases within a program year. Points from non-purchase activities do not count towards the determination of your tier level. You will be automatically upgraded to the highest tier for which you are eligible as soon as you meet the point requirement. You will enjoy the benefits of the higher tier for the remainder of the year in which you attain it, and for the entirety of the following program year. 

  • How can I stay in the Gold or Platinum tier year after year?
    Keep earning points from your purchases! Each year that you achieve the Gold- or Platinum-level point requirement, you maintain your place in that tier for the following year. 

  • When can I start earning points at a higher rate?
    You will start earning points at the higher rate on your first purchase after attaining the higher tier status. 


The Catholic Advantage Rewards (CAR) program offered by The Catholic Company is subject to change and The Catholic Company may cancel it at any time. Please check the guidelines on this page for any updates. By participating in the CAR program, you are agreeing to be bound by these rules. No purchase is necessary to enroll. You can enroll in the program by creating an account at The Catholic Company.  Please find additional terms and conditions in the My Rewards dashboard.

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