Rhymes' Reasons: Loving the Poems That Carry Your Culture and Faith

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  • Unique and distinctive gift for those who enjoy poetry
  • How poetry resonates in everyday life 
  • The ability of poetry to articulate the mystical and spiritual
  • Mixture of commentary and beautiful, inspiring poetry
  • Perfect gift for poetry enthusiasts and those who enjoy literature

Loving the Poems That Carry Your Culture and Faith: In every age—till very recently—there was one dominant way we passed our culture, knowledge, and devotion to the next generation.

It was poetry.

Poetry entertained people as it bothered them, preoccupied them, and stayed with them for life. Poetry offered a new lens, a creative angle, a thought-provoking perspective on life in all its dimensions.

We have lost much if we have lost the capacity to appreciate poems and allow them to pique our curiosity and gratification of life. This book is about gaining—or regaining—the ability to enjoy poems in all their artful and constructive ways of communicating the human experience. It features some of the most beloved poems of our time and articulates how they have moved generations emotionally and spiritually. 

  • Author: Mike Aquilina
  • Pages: 150
  • Format: Paperback

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