Scatter My Darkness: Turning Night to Day with the Gospel

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  • Understanding the darkness in your soul
  • Christ's redeeming grace
  • How the Light of Christ brings healing
  • Must read for those immersed in the sins of the past and present
  • Spiritual hope and encouragement 

Do I have dark places in my life?

Why are these dark places present, and will they overcome me?

How can Christ’s love and grace dissipate this darkness?

In his newest spiritual life book, Fr. John Henry Hanson helps us to understand the alienation that comes from sin and the redeeming power of Christ. He shows us how, through the beauty of the Liturgy, the dark corners of our hearts encounter and embrace the light of Christ, perhaps for the first time.

“The light of Christ is cleansing grace for the soul,” says Fr. John Henry. With light comes hope, “and that hope is the light that will guide our walk from darkness to light, from this side of the veil to the place where Christ dwells in glory.”

  • Author: Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem 
  • 176 Pages 
  • Softcover

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