The Secret Life of John Paul II

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Lino Zani
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  • The Secret Life of John Paul II
  • Behind-the-scenes "secret" life of John Paul II
  • A beautiful hardcover edition, to keep with your treasured collection
  • Come to know John Paul II in a way you never have before

"I still remember the moment I first saw his open, jovial face, that one-of-a-kind smile, the lively and luminous eyes that seemed that they might be laughing even more. I should have understood already from that smile who he would truly become, what he would represent for me, for us, for everyone, for history."

Saint Pope John Paul II was an avid sportsman, a skilled skier, and a lover of the outdoors. That much is known. But the story of his secret trips to the mountains with a handful of his closest friends remains hidden. No longer.

For the first time in English, join Lino Zani, John Paul's ski guide and friend for a behind-the-scenes look at the Pope away from the Vatican.

The Secret Life of Pope John Paul II is the story of the Pope as you've never seen him before, at play and prayer in his beloved mountains.

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  • 5 Feb 2nd 2017
    The Secret Life of John Paul II

    Great book about a great saint - a must to read. Thank you and God bless you all.

    Bernhard Mummert

  • 5 Oct 14th 2014
    Excellent Read!

    I didn't want to stop reading this wonderful book about our beloved St. Pope John Paul! It made me love him more and want to be holy like him. This is an excellent read!!!


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