Serenity Prayer Antique Gold-Plated Pocket Coin

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  • Antique gold plated
  • Image of praying hands one one side
  • Serenity Prayer on the other
  • Blue enamel accents
  • Gift of faith for those struggling with hardships, especially addiction

This high quality, Serenity Prayer Antique Gold Plated Token Coin is a small reminder to keep trusting God one day at a time. Carry it in your pocket, purse, backpack, car, desk drawer or anywhere you can keep it at your fingertips. A faithful token to remind you to abandon yourself to his care moment by moment. The perfect gift for those undergoing hardships and sufferings, especially those struggling with addictions.

  • 1.75" (D)
  • Metal

Serenity Prayer Antique Gold-Plated Pocket Coin