Seven Lies About Catholic History

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Dr. Diane Moczar
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  • Seven Lies About Catholic History
  • Addresses the most infamous and prevalent myths about the Church
  • Provides the lessons that every Catholic needs in order to defend & explain the Church's rich & complex history
  • A well-written, carefully crafted book

The world reviles the Catholic Church's doctrines, mocks her moral teachings and invents lies about her history. In every age, but especially in our modern day, historians and political powers have distorted the facts about her past (or just made up novel falsehoods from scratch) to make the Church, and the civilization it fostered, seem corrupt, backward, or simply evil.

In Seven Lies about Catholic History, Diane Moczar (author of Islam at the Gates) tackles the most infamous and prevalent historical myths about the Church -- popular legends that you encounter everywhere from textbooks to T.V. -- and reveals the real truth about them. She explains how they got started and why they're still around. Best of all, she gives you the facts and the arguments you need to set the record straight about:

  • The Inquisition: how it was not a bloodthirsty institution but a merciful (and necessary) one
  • Galileo's trial: why moderns invented a myth around it to make science appear incompatible with the Catholic faith (it's not)
  • The Reformation: why the 16th-century Church was not totally corrupt (as even some Catholics wrongly believe) and how the reformers made things worse for everybody
  • ...and other lies that the world uses to attack and discredit the Faith

Written in a brisk style that's fun and easy to read, Seven Lies about Catholic History provides the lessons that every Catholic needs in order to defend and explain, not just apologize for, the Church's rich and complex history.

  • 5½ x 8½ inches

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  • 4 Feb 9th 2012
    This book answers misconceptions

    It cleared up my own misconceptions about the Crusades, i.e., the 'bad' aspects of same! Also, it confirmed my own belief that Pope Pius XII was instrumental in helping the Jews during WWII! It brought to my own mind: why did not the Jews in other free countries help their own people as much as was expected of our Church? Why did they expect the Pope (Catholic Church) to do more than they did under the circumstances? Or ... did they do as much/more than I realize? Best Uses: Best way to answer lies; Cons: Not as comprehensive; Pros: Good review of history


  • 5 Dec 11th 2011
    Great Answers

    I bought the book as a gift for a young girl in an honors history class who is upset because her Faith is under constant attack. The book is brief. The information is excellent for arming oneself against the outrageous comments of anti-Catholics. I would highly recommend the clear lucid writing which indicates great research on the part of the author. Best Uses: Defence of the Church, Disputation, Teaching; Pros: Apologetics, Catholic Church History, Refuting Lies

    No Nickname

  • 5 Dec 13th 2010
    Excellant Information !

    The best way to use this book, is to break the myths that others have spread about the Catholic Church for years. Children only know what they are taught and knowledge is the best defense. Our responsibility as adults is to teach the children what is correct and to do so by backing it with facts not with what we think but with what we know. We are the teachers, read the book and pass on the facts to our children and to others who are misinformed about the Catholic faith and our history. Best Uses: Be Informed, Break Myths, Educate Children, Inform friends, Knowledge is Good, Teach the truth; Pros: Breaks a lot of myths, Good for parents to know, Good to pass on to others, Great eduation material, Share to educate, Share with a friend, Teachers should pass on

    Monti Skiby

  • 5 Dec 10th 2010
    Should be in every Catholic's library

    I was married to a non-Catholic who used the very arguments against the Church that this book discusses and explains. I also have seven children who questioned Catholic history. As a result I know the errors that the Protestants have perpetrated in their recording of European events as well as the impact of Eastern ideology that created the confusion in the early Church. Having had a good Catholic education, defending the Church was not a serious issue for me but my growing awareness of the bias against the Church was a revelation. This book gives the historical background in a style that is compact and easy to read. The author includes suggested further reading for those interested as well as her resources. It's a great primer for those who want to know and defend the Catholic Church. Pros: A valuble resource book

    Beth Ann-Bee

  • 5 Dec 10th 2010
    A new awakening

    There has been so much vented against the Church, after a few decades, you forget what is real and what is imagined. Some of this book was remedial (but forgotten); my husband, a convert of two years was mezmerized - and make the (true) comment that we will always be under attack. It's a marvelous educational tool and should be in colleges.


  • 5 Dec 10th 2010
    Must for Catholics

    I couldn't put what I wanted to say above - no room. You should let folks know who want to add something. I love this book as it helps deflect the lies Protestants learn about Catholics. I can't tell you how many times someone has tried to slam me for my Catholic faith. This will give everyone the power to do this. Cons: Couldn't find any; Pros: Helps to deflect lies abo

    Anne the ex-Protestant

  • 4 Dec 10th 2010
    Good book to help defend the faith

    Good informative summaries of major historical events involving the Catholic church and what to say to those who use those events such as the Crusades or Inquisition to put down the Church. It doesn't sugarcoat the atrocities but explains the Church's stand and rationale on those major events.


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