Sifting Frankincense

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  • Sifting Incense by Graziani
  • Very small grains are carefully selected 
  • Sized specifically for use in a thurible on a charcoal briquette
  • Resealable bag to preserve natural aroma
  • Imported from Italy

The small grains (sifting size) of the Graziani Sifting Incense are ideal for use in a thurible on a charcoal briquette. Just one spoonful is enough to diffuse an otherworldly aroma throughout your whole sanctuary. Pure, high quality frankincense, with no additives or chemical perfumes. Packed in a resealable bag to preserve natural aroma.

To use:
1) Hold the charcoal briquette with pincers and ignite
2) When ignition is evident, place briquette in thurible
3) Spoon sifted frankincense grains into the indention in the briquette

  • 500 grams
  • Imported from Italy

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