St. Blaise - Mini Lives of the Saints Folded Prayer Card

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Beautiful gold stamped Italian art help to make this prayer card stand out! Measuring 3 1/8 inch wide by 5 1/4 inch tall, when folded in half, this laminated glossy card is truly a "Mini Life of the Saint" it depicts. Complete with a 2 page biography, a short description of the name meaning, patron attributes, and feast day printed on the inside, it will help you understand better this specific Saint. On the back cover is a popular prayer of intercession for this Saint. Made in Italy!

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  • 5 Feb 19th 2018
    St. Blaise cures my throat

    As it declared on the card, St. Blaise performed a miracle on a child when a bone became lodged in its throat. He prayed it away. I read the prayer to cure my throat full of phlem and it worked. I read it every morning and there is no problem anymore. Thank you Saint Blaise!

    Jack West

  • 5 Nov 28th 2015
    Very nice

    Blaise is my middle name, so I have a bond with St. Blaise. The short bio was informational since he cared for wild animals. It is funny to note that I have several companion animals that were identified as exotic pets many years ago. Color and detail of card is highly done. And the prayer to St. Blaise is nice.


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