St. Joe Coffee

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  • Small batch roasted in-house by The Catholic Company
  • Four delicious varieties: Light, Medium, Dark, and Decaf
  • Our beans are ethically sourced 
  • Thoughtful gift for coffee-loving family and friends
  • Designed and produced exclusively by The Catholic Company

The Catholic Company is very excited to introduce St. Joe Coffee, now produced in-house for top results in flavor and quality!

Ground and roasted at The Catholic Company, St. Joe Coffee comes in a variety of enticing roasts, including decaf. Everyone from the no-caffeine coffee lover to the person who depends on a dark roast to get through the morning can find just what they need with St. Joe.

St. Joe Coffee makes a cheerful gift for family and friends, especially around the holidays or any special occasion. 

Below are our four roasts in both ground and whole bean options: 16 oz of goodness packaged in our light-hearted St. Joe bags and ready to give, or use yourself:

Light Roast (Ground/Whole Bean) – Brazilian Cerrado

A low-acidity flavor that exhibits light, subtle taste. Start the day with mellow tones and an energetic aroma. This roast contains the most caffeine, making it the ideal start for a busy day at the office!

Medium Roast (Ground/Whole Bean) – Honduran

Grown only in high altitudes, this Central American bean boasts a unique, lighter acidity than most Central American Coffees. A well-balanced brew with an outstanding aroma and an elegant, smooth finish.

Dark Roast (Ground/Whole Bean) – Honduran

This vibrant roast presents a Central American bean roasted Italian Style for a rich flavor you won’t find anywhere else. Full bodied and robust, it provides a powerful aroma to fill the senses, topped off by a smooth, lingering finish.

Decaf Roast (Ground/Whole Bean) – Columbia French

This decaffeinated coffee preserves the delicious, natural characteristics of Colombian coffee without the buzz. A darker roast that uses the Swiss Water Decaffeination process, it presents bright, flavorful tones for a delicious 

  • Ground or whole bean coffee in ready to gift/use bags
  • 16 ounce bags
  • Choice of ground or whole bean

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