St. Joseph Mosaic Print - Multiple Sizes

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  • Gorgeous print of St. Joseph 
  • From the mosaic at St. Peter's Basilica
  • Subtle color, powerful lines & symbolism
  • Beautiful tribute to St. Joseph and a distinctive gift
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 In this gorgeous print of a St. Joseph Mosaic originally created for St. Peter's Basilica, his strength and nobility of character are beautifully revealed. Printed across the arch are the words, "Tu Eris Super Domum Meam,"  meaning, "You Shall Take Charge of My Home and Family."

In many ways, the ongoing crisis of our times is the crisis of manhood and fatherhood. This august image of St. Joseph can remind men of their strength and of the purposes God has assigned to them, for which He will equip them and help them fulfill. It also reminds us of the incredible power of St. Joseph before the throne of God and invites us to invoke him and consecrate ourselves to his care. 

A stately and distinctive gift for any Catholic man and a beautiful piece for a Catholic home that invites Joseph's fatherly intercession and protection. Choose Size.

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  • Various Sizes Available
  • Acid-Free Paper, Archival Pigments, Cardboard
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St. Joseph Mosaic Print - Multiple Sizes


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