St. Jude Vintage Medal

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Featuring Saint Jude, patron saint of desperate cases, this intricately detailed sterling silver design was hand-drawn and hand-carved to give a true representation of an ancient medallion. Handcrafted in the U.S.A. 20" chain. 1 1/8"H x 3/4"W.  The ancient vintage styling includes the look of a small crack in the top left corner, which is intentional to reflect the ancient faith.

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  • 5 Jan 13th 2016
    Great Quality

    This is a beautiful medal with excellent quality. It is larger than I expected, and the detail is exceptional. Will definitely purchase all saint medals with the Catholic Company - such a difference.


  • 5 Nov 23rd 2011

    I was given this beautiful medallion by my mother as a gift. I was immediately struck by the ancient look and its flawless craftsmanship. I own several saint medals but this is by far my favorite. The look is absolutely original and I would recommend it to anyone. Whether it be a gift for that special person in your life or even yourself you wont be disappointed. I was completely satisfied and enthralled with it. Thank you Catholic Company for this piece of art.

    John Doe

  • 5 May 15th 2010
    Perfect Gift

    This necklace was a <a class="autolink" href="">Confirmation gift</a> to my son, and while the "antique" look of the piece was not something I would choose for myself, it was perfect for him and suited his personality to a tee. The chain was of good length and had a nice weight. The reverse side of the medallion depicts the Holy Spirit which is the primary gift we receive in Confirmation - loved it.


  • 3 Oct 15th 2009
    Wasn&#039;t quite what I expected for price.

    I gave this gift to my son for his confirmation. It was somewhat rustic for my taste but he liked it. The dove on the back of the medal was a nice surprise since it was given for confirmation. However, the chain was almost too short for him and broke within a week. It was also too shiny for the rustic look of the medal. I thought it was a bit overpriced as well. Best Uses: Definitely gift for males, Good confirmation gift; Cons: Chain broke right away, Chain somewhat short, Chain to shiny for medal, Medal almost too rustic; Pros: Good size, Liked the dove on back, Words legible


  • 5 Sep 14th 2009
    Perfect gift

    Used as a medallion around the neck. Best Uses: Used as a medallion; Pros: Find anymore


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