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Swear To God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments

Swear To God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments

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Swear To God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments
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Product Description

  • Swear To God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments
  • Why the Sacraments are the most beautiful gifts that Jesus ever gave to the Church
  • Where to look in the Bible for evidence of the Sacraments as signs of God's covenant with humanity
  • Why the Sacraments are more than mere rituals
  • How Christ endowed the Sacraments with His own power to change lives, save souls, & share His Divine life with us


Scott Hahn believes that families, nations and even the Church are held together by the power of personal commitments. He declares that when we really want to change our lives we mark the transition by the taking of an oath. That's what people do on their wedding day, on the day they become citizens, on the day they enter the military, or on the day they assume public office. But, he declares, the most powerful oaths of all are those that mark the Christian Sacraments.

Informative, Enlightening and Inspiring

In Swear to God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments, you'll join Catholic theologian and best-selling author Dr. Scott Hahn as he recounts his personal adventure of discovery that will make the familiar topic of the Sacraments seem brand new. As you share his journey from a simply symbolic Protestant understanding of the Sacraments to the traditional teaching of the Fathers of the Church, you'll discover new insights into the Sacraments that will inspire, enlighten and inform you as never before - even if you're a lifelong Catholic!

You'll learn how the Catholic understanding of a Sacrament is based on the Biblical concept of swearing an oath (Sacramentum in Latin). And how, in Biblical times, parties to covenants would swear a sacred oath, offer a sacrifice and share a meal, all elements contained in the Catholic Sacraments today. Far from later additions to Christian worship as some Protestants claim, Dr. Hahn demonstrates that the Sacraments are solidly based in Scripture and how they have always been a crucial part of the belief and practice of the Church.

Heaven is with Us Now

Drawing upon the Bible and the Church's Tradition, Dr. Hahn shows how God's Covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David became the driving forces in history. But most importantly you'll see how Jesus came to fulfill all these Old Covenants by establishing a New Covenant, with greater power than ever before. You’ll learn how we already have a share in the eternal life of the Trinity, a life we hope to know fully in heaven, because heaven is truly with us here and now in the Sacraments.

Scott Hahn's Swear to God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments is a concise summary of the clear, popular teaching that has opened the depths of Catholic theology to laypeople around the world via his best-selling books, radio programs and television appearances. Now Dr. Hahn expands his straightforward explanation of the seven Sacraments in these vibrant and exciting live recordings of his popular talks that will help you experience the Sacraments like never before.

Christ's Most Beautiful Gifts

As Dr. Hahn reveals the truth about living the eternal promise of the New Covenant, you'll rediscover the richness of the seven Sacraments as the most beautiful gifts that Jesus Christ ever gave to the Church. See how He endowed them with His own power to change lives, save souls, and share His own Divine Life with us. Order now and begin to encounter anew the promise and the power of the Sacraments.


Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9780385509312
  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 232
  • Language: English

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Review: My husband listened to these on his way to work. He couldn't stop til he finished all the CD's. Best Uses: Gift, Travel Listening; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Informative, Scott Hahn at his best
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