The Afterlife: Purgatory and Heaven Explained & Holy Souls Rosary Bracelet (2 Gift Set)

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  • Written by miracle worker and mystic, Don Dolindo Ruotolo
  • Insights on what happens after death
  • Consequences of sin and how our sacrifices obtain aid
  • Holy Souls devotional rosary bracelet
  • Encourage prayer for the souls in Purgatory

The Afterlife: Purgatory and Heaven Explained

Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo’s Surrender Prayer brought understanding and peace to countless souls amid the turbulence of the last century. Now, in our age of incomparable uncertainty, this miracle-worker and visionary writer offers the assurance you need to resolutely face the final things: death, judgment, Heaven, and Hell. 

Read these pages, and you’ll embark on the ultimate journey of discovery into what happens to the soul after death. You’ll read true stories of the dead who have communicated to loved ones from the great beyond; you’ll learn how the saints described their mystical experiences, and you’ll investigate stunning supernatural phenomena that remain unexplained by science. 

Notably, Don Dolindo provides proof for the existence of Purgatory and explains what it’s like for the souls suffering there. Moreover, he describes the consequences of sin and how the souls in Purgatory are awaiting our sacrificial suffering to be released into Paradise. 

Best of all, Don Dolindo offers spiritual wisdom that you can apply to your daily life and shows you how to prepare for a holy death and the glory of the world to come. He describes the remarkable mystical experience of the soul’s awe-inspiring entrance into Heaven and explains the unique power of Our Blessed Mother to help us get there.

You’ll also learn:

  • The most important prayers that help free the Holy Souls in Purgatory
  • Why even venial sin impairs our relationship with God
  • Why good works, almsgiving, and penances are powerful atonements for sin
  • Why we need Our Lady’s maternity, humility, and love for souls
  • Why the saints delight in interceding for us 
  • The sublime ecstasy and complete fulfillment that await us when we behold the Holy Trinity in Heaven
Handmade Holy Souls Rosary Bracelet   This striking rosary bracelet has been designed to encourage prayer for the souls in Purgatory, inspired by a mystical vision of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich in which she saw suffering souls move from dark to light as she prayed fervently for them. Signifying the gradual purification of the souls of the faithful departed, who are very dear to God, the beads show an array of color shades, from black to white. This Catholic Company Exclusive stretch cord rosary bracelet uses silvery gray "lace" Agate, Swarovski Crystal, and antique silver cross beads. A moving piece to wear and use often or to hand on to others. Features a medal with St. Michael the Archangel on one side and the traditional image of the Guardian Angel on the other.

*Exact color and size of beads may vary due to the natural characteristics of the stone material. 

Dimensions and Specifications:

The Afterlife: Purgatory and Heaven Explained

  • Author: Rev. Dolindo Ruotolo 
  • 272 Pages 
  • Softcover
Handmade Holy Souls Rosary Bracelet
  • Stretch Cord bracelet: approx. 7" around
  • Silvery Grey Crazy Lace Agate beads 8 mm 
  • Swarovski Black Crystal Bicone beads 4mm
  • St. Michael Medal  aprox. 1 " made in Italy

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The Afterlife: Purgatory and Heaven Explained & Holy Souls Rosary Bracelet (2 Gift Set)


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