The Alluring Voice of God: Forming Daily Encounters

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  • Written for young adults and teens questioning the Faith
  • Prayer exercises, lessons and reflections for guidance
  • Answers some of the toughest questions young adults ask
  • Methodical and faithful approach to a crisis of faith in teens and young adults

Written for young adults and Catholic teens who may be questioning their faith, The Alluring Voice of God invites them to experience God’s voice in direct communication. By developing and living in a personal connection with God, readers of all ages longing for a closer relationship will discover our beloved Christ dwells in a prominent place in our hearts.

Through various prayer exercises, lesson plans for group leaders and personal reflection guidance, The Alluring Voice of God addresses questions like: "Is God really listening?" "What is God calling me to do?" "Where is God in my life right now?" "How do I distinguish God’s voice?" With relatable content and detailed instruction, anyone suffering a crisis of faith will learn to know and hear His loving and caring call.

  • Author: Carrell Jamilano
  • Softcover
  • 144 pgs.

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