The Deceiver & Encounters with Angels (2 Book Set)

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Guardian Angels
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  • Answers your questions about evil
  • Explains how the enemy tempts and ensnares
  • How to help and not harm the salvation of others
  • Understand how Angels affect the specific choices you make
  • Learn how to more effectively place yourself under their protection

The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan

Fr. Livio Fanzaga, the Rome-educated, Vatican-endorsed writer and director of Europe’s largest Catholic radio network, warns: Efforts to soft-pedal the reality and continuous threat of the devil have left many Catholics “unarmed and unprepared” to resist him. But the question is: How does Satan tempt and deceive us? And how can we see through and resist him?

In The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan, Fr. Fanzaga confidently guides you through everything the Catechism, Sacred Scripture, and the wisdom of the saints tell us about the wiles and antics of the devil. You’ll come to understand why evil exists, and you’ll explore real-life examples of how the enemy tempts and ensnares us. The Deceiver masterfully unmasks the devil’s seductive plan to create a kingdom of his own in your heart, ruled by pride, sensuality, greed, anger, fear, violence, and destruction.

Most importantly, Fr. Fanzaga provides you with the weapons you need to combat the darkness of the enemy and the seven capital vices. “Satan wants to buy you at a cheap price, but Jesus has poured out His blood in order to obtain your soul,” reflects the author.
These pages correct many of the most common misconceptions about Satan while shedding important light on the end times. They also reveal:

  • The strategy of the evil one in attacking our minds and hearts
  • Why sin is so alluring
  • How we can help – and harm – others on their way to salvation
  • How you can use the light of God to expose evil
  • How to be on constant guard against temptation and Satan’s traps
  • The proper roles of repentance and mortification
  • The keys to opening your soul to grace and discernment

Fr. Fanzaga warns us in this stunning book: “In a cultural climate that excludes the supernatural, the devil acts without being noticed. In a context of life in which God and His moral law are denied, Satan moves like a fish in water. Souls without light and deprived of the
weapons of the holy battle are doomed.”

The Deceiver will equip you with the weapons you need to defeat Satan while opening your eyes to the miracles of God’s healing love as you prepare for eternity.

Encounters with the Angels - The Invisible Companions of our Spiritual Life

Because they are living reflections of the Holy Face they contemplate, angels draw us into the mysteries of Heaven. Haumonté shows you how to identify the subtle signs — not the overtly miraculous but consequential details — of angelic presences in the here and now. You’ll learn where angels are fully present in the Mass and liturgy and the role they play in your personal prayers. You’ll even discover how angels help us to nurture our children’s desire for God and how they lead us into a profound desire to please Jesus.

Take in these pages, and you’ll soon find yourself on an electrifying spiritual journey that opens your eyes to the role angels are playing in the specific choices you make and how you can more effectively place yourself under their protection. You’ll also learn:

  • The nine classes of angels — what they are and why they matter

  • The role angels play at the time of our death

  • How angels, who know the Word of God perfectly, help us to discover and understand it

  • Why angels are unable to access your thoughts

  • Why the fallen angels have no chance of redemption

  • How angels can assist you in times of temptation 

  • How they are present in intimate family occasions and gatherings of groups that pray

Dimensions & Specifications:

The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan

  • Author: Fr. Livio Fanzaga
  • 288 Pages
  • Softcover

Encounters with the Angels - The Invisible Companions of our Spiritual Life

  • Author: Odile Haumonté
  • 256 pgs.
  • Softcover


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