The First Christmas Tree

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  • A small book packed with the true message of Christmas
  • 32 full color pages
  • Great for little hands
  • By the same authors as The Candymaker's Gift

Based on an old Sicilian legend, this story about a little fir tree who witnesses Jesus' birth is both heart-warming and beautifully illustrated. All the trees and creatures of the forest are scurrying about in preparation for their journey to the manger. Each has something special to give the baby, but the little fir is so small and spindly. What can he possibly give that is worthy of a king? As he tries to make his way to the stable, he comes across various little animals who have been left in the wake of the bigger forest dwellers rushing to see the baby. Allowing these wee ones shelter in his branches slows his progress, and he finds himself at the back of the crowd where he can't even see the stable. Suddenly bathed in the glow of starlight, the tiny tree is allowed to approach the manger where the baby blesses the little tree for his gift of compassion to his fellow woodland creatures.

  • Dimensions: 6 x 4.25"

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