The Four Levels of Happiness: Your Path to Personal Flourishing

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  • Based on study of the great theologians & philosophers
  • Four Levels of Happiness developed by Rev. Dr. Robert Spitzer
  • Examples from science, philosophy, psychology, and everyday life
  • Achievable ways to ascend the ladder of happiness
  • How to find fulfillment in this life and the next
Based on his study of great theologians and philosophers dating back to Aristotle, eminent philosopher and physicist Rev. Dr. Robert Spitzer devised his Four Levels of Happiness, asserting that whichever level dominates our lives will dictate our actions and determine the depth and endurance of our happiness. Incorporating examples from science, philosophy, psychology, and everyday life, Spitzer engagingly lays out achievable ways to ascend the ladder of happiness and find the fulfillment of all your desires.

Whether you are religiously minded or a skeptic, you will explore the fascinating relationship between science and the transcendent and gain keys to attaining the heights of joy. You will discover:

Four questions that will help you determine where you are on the happiness scale  
  • The essential ingredient for level-one happiness    
  •  The endless loop people get stuck in with level-two happiness   
  •  The keys to level-three happiness and what goes into deciding to move to level four   
  •  Nine questions to ask yourself about others that will enlighten your mind and change your life 

 You will also learn about five transcendental desires that pull you up toward the fourth level of happiness and five cosmic inadequacies that drive you beyond the world of the senses. Through the lens of science, Spitzer sheds light on the origins of the universe and man and the benefits of supernatural faith. Additionally, he explains three types of prayer and methods for developing a personal relationship with the Creator to find lasting and authentic joy.

Most significantly, you will find what it truly means to reach the level of transcendence. As you learn practical tips based on Ignatius of Loyola’s Rules of Discernment, you will be empowered to live an enlightened, purposeful, joyous life. Above all, through Spitzer’s logical, systematic reasoning you will see the beauty of Providence at work in you and how to open your heart to the power of love.

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  • Author: Robert Spitzer, S.J., PH.D.
  • 240 Pages
  • Hardcover
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The Four Levels of Happiness: Your Path to Personal Flourishing


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