The Obedience Paradox: Finding True Freedom in Marriage

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  • Marriage as an image of Christ's relationship to the Church
  • Context, meaning and gifts of obedience as God intended
  • How to give yourself generously in obedience to your spouse
  • What the gift of self unveils in marriage
  • Wonderful resource for engaged or married couples
Few concepts in Christianity are more misunderstood than obedience. Words like submissive, subject, and obedient can appear utterly incompatible with the fundamental equality that Jesus offers to us in baptism. Yet headship and obedience within marriage has been preached authoritatively throughout the Church’s history.

When properly understood and lived out, obedience is, in fact, liberating. The Obedience Paradox illuminates the subject by examining the relationship between husband and wife in marriage as an image of Christ’s relationship to the Church. Presenting the sexual complementarity of husband and wife as an expression of gift, this book probes the meaning and power of receptivity in a relationship.

While a marriage certainly involves mutual giving and receiving, a husband most authentically lives headship when he acts as a generous giver towards his wife. Correspondingly, a wife practices authentic obedience when she graciously receives of her husband’s self-gift. Understanding obedience as the free reception of a gift unveils its unique potential to make us more free and to bring about deeper spiritual union between persons, both human and divine.
  • Author: Mary Stanford
  • Pages: 168
  • Format: Softcover

The Obedience Paradox: Finding True Freedom in Marriage