The Seven Steps to Sanctification: How to Awaken the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Within You

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Holy Spirit
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Sophia Institute Press
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  • Explains the gifts of the Spirit
  • Overcoming vices and forming virtues
  • Entering into communion with the Spirit
  • How to cooperate with the gifts of the Spirit
  • Wonderful book for any mature Catholic

Got a hunch?

It may be a nudge from the Holy Spirit! In a time when man clings to the world instead of Heaven, we are in more need than ever of the Sanctifier’s gifts to guide us and to preserve our interior peace.

The renowned Dominican priests Frs. Walter Farrell and Dominic Hughes will help you deepen your relationship with God as they take you on a journey through the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn how to be empowered by the Third Person of the Holy Trinity and live in imitation of the Holy Family. By developing an awareness of God’s presence, you will grow in Understanding and perceive the truth in an age of confusion. You’ll grow in Knowledge and become certain of the “things that are not seen.” You’ll inculcate Wisdom as you grow in charity, and you will foster Counsel that will aid you in docility.

Your growth in Piety will enkindle within you filial devotion, and Fear of the Lord will give you the reverence of a child for his father. You’ll also learn how to grow in courage as the gift of Fortitude conquers your fears and enlivens your confidence. Best of all, as you learn to cooperate in cultivating the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life, you will find lasting tranquility and joy in living for God’s glory. You will also learn how the gifts of the Holy Spirit:

  • Form you in the virtues needed to exercise Charity toward God and others

  • Help you to practice temperance and overcome inordinate appetites

  • Pour out grace to build upon your nature, fortify you, and bolster your faith

  • Enable you to enter into loving communion with God and reflect His simplicity

  • Work with others and relate to the theological and cardinal virtues

  • Provide you with the armor you need for spiritual combat and final victory

“Ours is an age for courage, it is an age for martyrs, it is an age for splendid Catholic living. Now the world looks to the mystical Christ for salvation.”

  • Author: Fr. Waller Farrell, O.P. and Dominic Hughes, O.P. 
  • 208 Pages 
  • Softcover

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