The Pitti Madonna Wall Plaque

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The “Pitti Madonna” by Michelangelo Buonarroti was carved in 1503 in what is sometimes called the Michelangelo finish, where the surface shows fine chisel marks while in some places the background is more rough. The fine chisel marks seem to make the faces come alive. The original is vintage Renaissance fine art, featuring a classic scene of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus, with the young St. John in low relief in the background. This beautiful reproduction is a means for you to bring affordable art into your home -- and a means above all to venerate the Blessed Mother. It is made of cold cast marble resin mixture, and finished with a bronzed effect, then lightly painted to provide subtle highlights. Sized about 8-7/8" diameter.  (Slight variations may occur in the color-tinting finish.)

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