Variety Assorted Roasts Gift Set

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  • TG Assorted -Med, Drk, Effiel, Rome - ground

Can't decide which of our enticing flavors to get? We've got you covered with this variety box. Featuring our Italian and French blends, not to mention medium and dark roasts, this ensures that you'll have a delightful coffee for any occasion. Also makes a great gift for a coffee-loving friend!

All Roasts Lead To Rome Italian Roast

The coffee world owes many words to Italian culture: Venti, Cappuccino, Grande. Fortunately, "May I please have more coffee?" can be expressed in any language.

Eiffel Good French Roast

Je me sens bien. “I feel good.” (Thank God For Coffee cannot take responsibility for coffee drinkers who speak with a French accent after taking a sip of Eiffel Good.)

Happy Medium Roast

Orange flavored coffee? Don't knock it till you've tried it! Delicous as a cold brew, and equally delicious when piping hot.

Hello Dark Roast, My Old Friend

When it comes to fruit-flavored roasts that make you go head-over-heels, this pineapple roast takes the upside-down cake.

Ships in premium, ready-to-gift Thank God For Coffee box.

Part of the Thank God For Coffee Collection. Learn more: Specialty Coffees - Thank God for Coffee

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  • 4 12oz bags of coffee
  • Ethically sourced from Ethiopia, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala
  • Roasted in-house in USA

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Variety Assorted Roasts Gift Set


Variety Assorted Roasts Gift Set