Venerable Anne de Guigne

Anne de Guigne was born on April 25, 1911 into a very noble and wealthy family. She was the oldest of four children, and during her early years, she was a quite tempestuous and ill-tempered child. She had an iron will, and exercised it often to get what she wanted. When Anne was just four years old, her father died in battle. From the moment of her father's death, Anne completely changed her ways. She devoted her time and energy to comforting her mother, and encouraging her siblings to do the same. She at once realized that we must be good, and love others in this life, in order to reach God. Anne received her First Holy Communion at the age of five. She was a great deal younger than the other children, but far more advanced in her understanding of the faith. Anne exercised love, compassion, and humility far beyond her years, and astonished her superiors with her level of holiness. Anne quickly recognized obedience as the path to sanctity, and devoted the rest of her short life to practicing obedience in even the smallest things. Anne soon became ill with Meningitis and passed away on January 14, 1922. Many conversions and intercessions have been attributed to the young girl. In 1990 Pope John Paul II approved the decree recognizing her heroic virtues.

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