Virgin Mary Holy Water Font, Antique White

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Savini - Pelligrino Statuary
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  • Antique white Holy Water font
  • Features the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • From the popular Pelligrini collection
  • Made & imported from Italy

If you are looking for a gift alternative for a loved one in your life, why not give them a spiritually encouraging gift, such as a holy water font?  Or establish the tradition of keeping a private holy water font in your own home with one of this beautiful Italian Miraculous Font.  The use of holy water fonts is a very old tradition in the Catholic Church. The earliest fonts were actually fountains and the Christian faithful would wash their hands and feet in the water before entering the church, likely derived from an older Jewish rite. There is a writing by Paulus Silentiarius from about 590 which describes people keeping water from one such fountain in pitchers in their homes. The use of holy water developed from the 4th through 9th century; the ninth century is when the custom of sprinkling the congregation at Mass with water from a pot began.  This exquisite Miraculous font is made of resin, and has an old world patina look. 

  • Resin
  • Approx. 5" H

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