Voyage of Life in Dark Ornate Frame - Set of 4

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  • The Voyage of Life (Childhood, Youth, Manhood & Old Age)
  • Set of 4 framed prints
  • Gorgeous, ornate frames
  • Thought-provoking Christian allegory
  • Symbolic and meaningful décor 
Thomas Cole's renowned series of four paintings, entitled The Voyage of Life, presents an allegory of the stages of human life. Each thought provoking painting is titled according to the stage it represents: Childhood, Youth, Manhood, & Old Age. In each stage or voyage of man's life, his Guardian Angel accompanies him down the river of life. From the innocence of childhood, to the flush of youthful overconfidence, through the trials and tribulations of middle age, to the aged hero's triumphant salvation, The Voyage of Life seems intrinsically linked to the Christian doctrine of death and resurrection. 

Cole himself said that in the throes of the terrifying experiences of the wilderness, the vulnerable man can only be saved by prayer and the assistance of the Lord and his Angel. In Childhood there is no cankering care; in Youth no despairing thought. It is only when experience has taught us the realities of the world, that we lift from our eyes the golden veil of early life; that we feel deep and abiding sorrow. Trouble is characteristic of the period of Manhood. 

In the later paintings, the gloomy, eclipse-like tone, the conflicting elements, the trees riven by tempest, are the allegory; and the Ocean, dimly seen, figures the end of life, to which the voyager is now approaching. The demon forms are the temptations that beset men in their direst trouble. The upward and imploring look of the voyager, shows his dependence on God, and that faith saves him from the destruction that seems inevitable.

This set of four paintings is a classic Christian allegory for earthly life, presented in dark tones and powerful symbolism. Framed in ornate dark wood, with fine art quality framework featuring bevels, Florentine accents, and interior gold beading to highlight the imagery. A beautiful set for any faithful Christian who enjoys fine art.
  • Each Framed Print: 12" (W) x 9" (H)
  • Set of 4 Prints (Not Sold Separately)
  • Fine Art Quality Wood Frame 

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