We and Our Children: How to Make a Catholic Home

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  • Instruction for Catholic parents
  • How to make a truly Catholic home
  • Developing spiritual and moral character in children
  • Insightful, common sense, practical
  • Perfect guide for all Catholic families
How does one develop a space for one’s children free from the worst aspects of the surrounding culture? How to foster a spiritual life where children can develop a vision of God, themselves, and the world, and an approach to Him through prayer and the habits of daily life? Mary Reed Newland, in We and Our Children, here offers wise counsel on making the home a domestic church for the raising of Catholic children in holiness, truth, and the Christian virtues.
All things central to a child’s life—play, work, school, creative activity, family responsibilities, prayer, the sacraments, and the Mass—are shown to be occasions for encouraging a spiritual outlook and the formation of sound Catholic habits. Here is an inspiring and common-sense guide to help all Catholic parents develop the spiritual and moral character of their children.

  • Author: Mary Reed Newland
  • 286 Pages
  • Softcover

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We and Our Children: How to Make a Catholic Home