What the Saints Never Said & Fearless: Stories of the American Saints (2 Book Set)

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  • What the Saints Never Said: Pious Misquotes and The Subtle Heresies They Teach You
  • Discover what the saints actually said—and what they didn't!
  • Fearless: Stories of the American Saints
  • Fascinating stories of American saints who helped build up the Body of Christ

What Saints Never Said: Pious Misquotes and The Subtle Heresies They Teach You

I believe because it is absurd.” - Tertullian?

“God helps those who help themselves.” - The Bible?

“Preach the gospel always; when necessary, use words.” - St. Francis of Assisi?

Sayings like these are such a part of modern pious tradition that we assume they come from the Bible, the mouths of saints, or the pens of famous Christian writers.

Even though nobody can seem to place their exact origin, by sheer repetition—in books, in homilies, and of course on the internet—they have acquired a halo of truth.

In What the Saints Never Said, apologist Trent Horn takes over forty of these well-known but dubious sayings and attempts to track them to their true source.

In so doing he finds some that are close to what was really said, many that were mis-attributed or twisted beyond their original meaning, and more than a few that were just plain made up!

By setting the record straight, Trent does more than show you the true origins of these seemingly harmless sayings: he roots out the theological errors and implications that can lead us away from the fullness of Christian truth.

In their place he offers choice selections from the richness of authentic quotes from Scripture, saints, and scholars that will draw you closer to that truth.

Fearless - Stories of the American Saints

The lives of the saints who helped build the Catholic Church in the United States—Frances Cabrini, Isaac Jogues, John Neumann, Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Damien de Veuster, among others—are marked by strength, courage, determination, and sanctity. But as this thoughtful and engaging book points out, these saints also could be foolhardy, obstinate, stubborn, and dismissive. In other words, they were a lot like everyone, with a mixture of different qualities and characteristics. 

What makes the stories of the thirteen men and women in Fearless so compelling is that a distinctly American way of holiness begins to emerge from their lives and their work. These were people who walked the streets of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Denver. They traveled along California’s coast and into the Southwest, penetrated the heartland of Indiana and Missouri, and reached out into the territorial islands of the United States. 

Captivating illustrations for each saint highlight the depth of their souls, and give readers an idea of the strong characteristics exemplified by these men and women.

Fearless will bring the reader through the history of the Catholic Church in America in an intimate and personal way, with the stories of the saints and blessed who helped Christianity become part of this country’s fabric. These men and women did not set out to be saints, only to live out the Gospel as they best knew how. They followed their hearts and God’s will to build a better place for the people of the New World.

Dimensions & Specifications

What Saints Never Said

  • ISBN: 9781683570691
  • Author: Trent Horn
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 148
  • Format: Paperback

Fearless: Stories of the American Saints

  • 5¼ x 8¼ inches
  • ISBN: 9781616366377
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 207
  • Author: Alice Camille and Paul Boudreau

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