White Lace Chapel Veil with Petite Tassels

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  • White lace mantilla
  • Traditional floral applique design
  • Distinctive lacework tassels around the edges
  • Includes a convenient carrying pouch
  • Feminine and lovely
This beautifully designed white mantilla is reverent, traditional, and feminine. The classic, lightweight headcovering is worn as a personal expression of reverence during Holy Mass. It is an ancient religious practice making a combeback among Catholic women as more choose to "veil." The timeless style is designed to gently frame the face and cover the hair in modesty and humility.  A unique lace tassel applique accents the edges. It will drape toward the waist on most women.  Includes a handy pouch that tucks easily into your purse.

  • 68" (L) x 24" (W)
  • Embroidered Polyester 
  • Carrying Pouch Included

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