White Rosary Card

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  • Wonderful way to "carry" the Rosary
  • Portable steel card with holes marking prayers
  • Fits perfectly into a wallet, pocket, bag, backpack, desk drawer
  • Take the Rosary with you wherever you go
  • Give one to a friend devoted to the Rosary
This wonderful little card is made of steel, white with a gloss finish, and features holes that represent your Rosary prayers and help you keep your place. It is the same size as a credit card and about the same thickness, and can fit perfectly into your wallet, your pocket, your backpack, purse, glove box or desk drawer. It's convenient, portable, inexpensive and durable. Take your rosary with you wherever you go. Give them to friends, your prayer group, and others devoted to the Rosary as a unique gift of faith.

  • 3.375" (H) x 2.125" (W) 
  • Steel