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About The Catholic Company

The Catholic Company is the leading online Catholic books and gifts store. You’ll find everything you need to dive deeper into the Catholic faith, including a wide selection of Catholic bibles, music, rosaries, new roman missal, statues and more. Getting ready to prepare for a sacred Christmas and Advent season? Browse the advent wreaths, Christmas cards, Kneeling Santas and nativities we have available. Celebrating a Sacrament with your loved ones? Find the perfect gift to cherish the moment. We offer a variety of ideas for First Communion gifts, Confirmation gifts, Catholic Wedding gifts and Baptism gifts. Enjoy the spiritual growth in you and others around you!

Missionaries Of The Poor

Support the quest to share God's love and spread the Catholic Faith among the world's least fortunate.

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Why People Continue To Trust The Catholic Company

Products that change lives...

My mom was taken off the ventilator just as the medal arrived. We will never forget what a truly miraculous medal this is!
Susan, MO

A huge selection that ships fast...

The quality of the pendant is simply beautiful, and shipping, wow, its unbelievably fast!
John - NH

Part of the Communion of Saints...

Thank you so much for all of your effort! I will certainly recommend your company in the future.
Ashley - CA

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