When you find the perfect piece of Catholic jewelry, it is important to have a worthy chain to wear it on. When considering a chain, make sure to choose the right length by judging where it will fall on your chest. Smaller crosses and crucifixes are often better suited for shorter chains. A 16 inch collar length chain will typically fall right above the collarbone and emphasize the neckline. Larger medals and fine jewelry pieces stand out on 18 inch princess length chains. A princess length chain is the most common type of chain and hangs over the collarbone. This will make the Catholic jewelry you are wearing the focal point of your attire. Men will want a longer option, from a 24 to 30 inch chain. Once you have chosen the desired length of your chain, you can then pick from a variety of styles. Some common styles for chains are rope chains, snake chains, and wheat chains. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that the clasp on your chain is small enough on one of the ends to slip through your Catholic pendant or cross. Have fun experimenting with different length chains for your Catholic jewelry. The right chain can add just the right amount of sparkle! For more information on how to find the right chain for your Catholic Jewelry visit our Chain Guide in the Information Center.