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St. Joseph Sunday Missal

St. Joseph Sunday Missal

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Product Description

  • St. Joseph Sunday Missal
  • Perfect sized Missal for Mass or home use
  • Well-organized and easy to use
  • Thoughtful gift idea


This is the one, all-inclusive, complete and permanent St. Joseph Sunday Missal. Containing all the official Mass prayers for Sundays and Holy Days now in use throughout America, it also includes the complete 3-year cycle of Sunday readings (years A, B, and C), all the prayers from the all the presidential prayers.

These prayers are repeated for each cycle of readings to make this Missal "easy to use" and to eliminate unnecessary page-turning. Catholics of all ages will truly treasure this widely respected Missal destined to last a lifetime. Red vinyl cover.

Available with a burgundy flexcover(Item# 1111407), a black hardcover (Item #1111408) and a Large Print Burgundy Flexcover (Item #1111409)

The vinyl covered book measures approximately 4.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall by 1.5 inches deep with a 9 ½ point font size.

The large print is 5.25 x 7.5 with 14 point font size.

The large font book does not exactly match up for the table of contents for calendar years B and C.  The publisher is aware of this but corrections are not planned at this time.  The table of contents will get you to the appropiate mass readings however be one page ahead of where it should begin.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 1111407/Vinyl - 1600 pages
  • 1111408/Hardcover - 1600 pages
  • 1111409/Large Print - 1184 pages
  • ISBN: 9780899428208
  • Language: English

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Reviews - St. Joseph Sunday Missal

Average Customer Rating
(4.81/5 Stars, 37 Ratings) Based on 37 Reviews

St Joseph Sunday Missal

Review: My husband is very pleased with this Missal. Our parish has stopped putting missals in the pews and he is hard of hearing but wants to follow the mass in print. Very fine quality.

Very Satisfied

Review: We love our Missal with the large print, because we are up in age and our eyes are not as strong anymore. Add more page finders to the next book. Thanks very much.

St. Joseph Sunday Missal - Large Print

Review: I ordered this Missal as a replacement for my St. Joseph's Missal with regular print which I have been using since 1998. My missal expires in November which led me to purchase a new one which dates to 2028. I am 76 years old ad doubt I will use this one until it expires but am confident that with the large print, it will be an easier read. My only comment is that I did not find prayers for before and after receipt of Communion, so I cut them out of my old missal and will use those pages.

New...Saint Joseph SUNDAY MISSAL- Complete Edition

Review: I am very happy with my purchase of the New... Saint Joseph SUNDAY MISSAL- Complete Edition. It is very user-friendly and easy to read. Many thanks to the Catholic Company for their 5-star service as well.

St. Joseph Sunday Missal

Review: Loved it. I plan to purchase one for each of my young adult grand-children.

exactly as stated

Review: I love this Sunday Missal. So happy that I bought it. I have a hearing problem so with this I can understand and follow the whole Mass and gospel.

St Joseph Sunday Missal

Review: It's easy to use and to follow along with the priest.


Review: This is fantastic. It is just the right size.

St. Joseph Sunday Missal large print

Review: I am thoroughly enjoying use this missal. The large print is exactly what I wanted as our church got new books with smaller print than the older ones.

St. Joseph Sunday Missal Exquisite!

Review: I just purchased the St. Joseph Sunday Missal and couldn't be more pleased! If you are looking for a missal to help you understand and become closer to the Mass which is want I was searching for,this is the one. The books used in the pews at Mass just weren't doing it for me, this missal allowed me to personally follow the Mass and to understand. The explanations before the readings are wonderful and thoughtfully expressive. Great for reading at any time. I just love it and so happy I chose it.


Review: I really like this missal. It is easy to follow and find where you need to be. This isn't a daily one it just has Sundays and holidays and holy days. Since I got mine the wife wants one.

Very Helpful

Review: One of the things I enjoy most in this missal is the historical context of each reading. I find that the paragraph(s) before each reading are very useful for the tone and spirit of them.

St Joseph SundayMissal

Review: I am very happy with the missal. In addition to the readings it gives a synopsis of what the reading is conveying which is very helpful to me to understand the content. It is especially helpful since I am a lector.

St Joseph Sunday Missal

Review: I am so happy with my missal, it is exactly what I thought it would be , thank you so much.

I love this

Review: I learn from this missal almost every time I pick it up. Seems to be so much all inclusive in this I wonder how I get confused. One of the best purchases I have made in a very long time.

Excellent Missal

Review: Very happy I ordered this Missal.. I love watching Mass on EWTN but most of the time, they say it in latin.. This will be an excellent helper! Talk about fast service!! Yes, it probably could use 3 more ribbons and think I just may hot glue a few more in it.

Extremely pleased

Review: Just what I wanted

I absolutely love this Missal

Review: I take the Missal to church on Sundays and follow along with the priest. It is so much easier than some of the books that the church supplies. I love it. Best Uses: Lots of good information; Pros: Very easy to follow

Complete and Up to Date

Review: This is where I begin my day. It assists me in daily scripture reading and understanding. I share it with my non-catholic friends. Frankly, I love the pictures. They are a help in meditation. Best Uses: At Home, Mass, Private prayer, Share my faith; Pros: Easy To Understand, Easy to use, Excellent images

Just what we wanted

Review: We like that they keep the format of the missal the same all of the time. It makes it so much easier not to have to learn a new process of finding our way through mass.

New Sunday Missal

Review: I have browsed. Am impressed with the explanations. Brought clarity for one who considers themselves a Catholic coming home. Pros: Explanations great asset

enjoying it

Review: like size Best Uses: Helpful with mass; Cons: Took along time to arrive

Well done!

Review: The missal itself is wonderful and very easy to follow. I love having all the prayers during Mass it helps me appreciate the Mass more when I can follow along.

A true asset

Review: I can go over the 1st and 2nd reading before Mass and that actually gives me time to ponder and think about the message, which, in turn helps me get more from the homily. I have many prayers to read from it anytime. I really treasure this missal and am so happy to have it. Best Uses: Mass, Prayers, Preparing before Mass; Cons: Absolutely none; Pros: All inclusive, Beautiful pictures, Helpful, Well Made

Very pleased.

Review: Use for Sundays, Holy Days and daily use of Treasury of Prayers. Pros: Improved edition, Price was great, Sturdy binding

St Joseph Sunday Missal

Review: Love this missal. Although it took a while to get it, I am so glad I waited.

St. Joseph Sunday Missals

Review: I love the St. Joseph Sunday missal, have used it almost for a lifetime. I use it every Sunday. I'm slowly getting used to the new format. I was always treated politely and professionally by the Catholic Co. staff during the long wait.


Review: Really helps me in church.

Very Good Read

Review: I was very pleased with this Sunday missal when it was delivered. It was exactly as described, and quite lovely. I am very proud to carry and read this missal at mass every Sunday. Well worth waiting for. Best Uses: Sunday missal for mass; Cons: Difficult To Follow, Writing quite small; Pros: Beautiful cover, Classy Color, Like yearly calendar, Perfect Size

It's got it all...

Review: All the changed prayers are in it. I don't have to use the pew card, now. I really like the reflections on the readings & Gospel, as well as the theme of each scripture. The reflections are down to earth & explain the scripture well. I need larger print, but this isn't bad. I have several people who wanted a copy like mine. Wish it had a pocket for prayer cards, etc. but none do. It has so many other features and this is my second time purchasing this missal. I waited until the new responses came out before buying this copy. Best Uses: Sundays and special dates; Cons: Need more ribbons, Only 2 ribbons; Pros: Easy to find the Masses, New responses added, Reflections excellent

Very good

Review: Have had mine since 2005 and it would still be usable if the Mass wording had not changed.

Really Like this Missal

Review: I really like this St. Joseph Missal. It help me to understand the Mass, as it is easy to use. I like the fact that it can be used for years to come. Pros: Easy to use

St. Joseph Sunday Missal

Review: I like this for bringing to Mass on Sunday, as it is good for following the new liturgy easily. I also like it to view the Gospel and readings before Mass and to review with my Religious Ed students on Monday afternoon. Best Uses: Can read at home also, Can use at Mass; Pros: Can use it forever, Weeks are not dated

As Ordered

Review: The Sunday missal appears to be well made and will be very useful and helpful in participating in Mass. Pros: Quick delivery

Fantastic Personal Missal

Review: The church I attend only puts a few missals in the pews and as I sit in the middle I frequently don't get one. I like to follow along with the readings in Mass and was thrilled when I found this. It is the complete edition with Years A, B, and C. It also has a calendar so you know what year you're in and also what days match up so you know you've got the right day. I also like it because I can make it up to remind me of readings that I particularly enjoyed. This edition goes through 2016 but of course you can continue to use it past that date. Pros: Easy to read text, Ribbon bookmarks

Recommend this large-print Sunday Missal

Review: I find this book easy to read. It took a few minutes to figure out how to follow, but no problem after that. Love my missal! Best Uses: Sunday mass; Cons: none; Pros: Easy To Read

Want to gain more from Mass?

Review: This is a great book to use for those wishing to gain more from Sunday Mass. It also includes common Catholic prayers and it includes the entire Sunday three year schedule (years A, B, and C). It has deeply enriched my spiritual life for Sunday Mass, Praying the Holy Rosary, and Praying the Stations of the Cross. Best Uses: Accessory to Mass; Pros: Compelling, Engaging
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